Sunday, November 8, 2020

A Fine Gathering of Guests

One perk of contributing to Do Some Damage is the pool of talent willing to guest blog. Though I try to run any posts that might be provocative past "The Elders", I've always been given freedom to invite whom I choose. I completely take advantage of this and the respect Do Some Damage has acquired and I lure my favorite writers and creators to share their thoughts or stories. See, I'm selfish and think only of what makes me happy and learning about and learning from these writers makes me happy. But, just this once, I'm thinking of others. I've picked through the archives and found a bounty of excellent guest contributions and I offer them here, for your perusing pleasure.

 Inside The Mind of Beau Johnson.

Nicola Murphy Starts Women's History Month

Susie Henry Starts Women's History Month with Poetry

Celebrating Women's History Month

S.W. Lauden Serves Up Music and Memories

Terri Lynn Cooper on Crime and Punishment

Dr. Anjili Babbar and Dr. Myron T. Strong, Lessons of Crime Fiction

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