Monday, January 7, 2019

Top Five Daddies in Crime Fiction


       1. Jedidiah Ayres
       Who better to top this list than the man who co-purloined Noir at the Bar from the Top Daddies of 2018, Peter Rozovsky? If you’re wondering why he belongs here, you obv haven’t seen him in his tightie-whiteys. Jed was the man who gave birth to some of the greatest noir collections of all time (D*CKED, Noir at the Bar Vol 1 & II) as well as his own hardboiled novel Peckerwood. For the last several years, his website Hardboiled Wonderland has been the go-to spot for crime fiction flick aficionados. Rawr!

       2. Steve Weddle
       Yes, this Country Hardball author is soooo cranky but that’s because we haven’t done enough to make him happy. Good luck getting this daddy to smile! His short fiction recently appeared in Playboy , but you can get all the Weddle you want and more on his Do Some Damage podcast. Plus, he’s a ginger and I have it on good authority that the carpet indeed matches the drapes!

       3. E.A. Aymar
       This host of DC’s Noir at the Bar chapter will get it done inside the Beltway. Just imagine those dreamy eyes and purty mouth telling you it’s time to go to bed with the lights off. Aymar also heads up The Thrill Begins, writes for the International Thriller Review and his latest novel, The Unrepentant will be published in March 2019. All of this PLUS his social media feeds are the daddiest jokes of them all. Here’s hoping daddy still has time for you!!!

       4. Benoit Lelievre
       This Quebecois book reviewer for Dead End Follies is the perfect daddy to cuddle up with during a snow day! No stranger to Canada’s brutal winters, Benoit can help weather the storm with his thoughts on some of the darkest crime fiction while he tucks you into your warm bed at night. And this papa will do it all with a French accent! Oooh la la!

       5. S.A. Cosby
       This newcomer to the crime fiction scene proves that you don’t need a kid to be a daddy. He divides his time between the mortuary and the gym, so while there’s a lot for you to love, it’s all rock hard muscle. Don’t blame yourself if daddy is hitting the sauce a little harder this month; it’s only because his debut novel My Darkest Prayer has just hit the shelves and has been received very well! Extra bonus: Cosby is from the country so he knows all the back roads. Daddy like!!

       Who do you think is the best daddy in crime fiction? Leave your answer in the comments below.


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