Sunday, August 15, 2021



Look at this! A book signing! More than that, evena launch party. In person. 


James L'Etoile sent his new thriller, Black Label, into the world yesterday at our local independent bookstore, Face in a Book. There were stacks of books. There was swag. There was wine. And most importantly, there were people. The delight was palpable as people mingled and chatted. 

I left with not only a bag full of new books (who can leave a bookstore with only one?) but a springier step and lighter heart. If you're able to safely do it at this point, gather together. It'll make you feel better. It sure did for me. 

Thanks to Jim and the wonderful staff at Face in a Book for a completely normal afternoon. (You can find out more about Black Label in this previous post.)

It wouldn't be a L'Etoile event without a Corgi.

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James L’Etoile said...

It felt wonderful to have a real book event again. Thanks so much for coming out and celebrating a little slice of normalcy.