Wednesday, June 16, 2021

This Guy Again

It has been a very, very long time since I've engaged in team sports, yet here I is, over at DSD with the cool kids.

For those that don't know me, hi, I'm Angel Luis Colón. I'm a writer, editor, baker, and rabblerouser. I love crime fiction and horror, even if I'm usually not thrilled with the state of the genres.

This week's a bit of an intro to my column (for now, every other Wednesday, but this will become a weekly occurrence soon enough). What I was hoping to convey with this initial post is a bit of a mission statement. The focus for me here will be to toss a little light on the underrepresented voices in my favorite genres of fiction. Be that through interviews, reviews, or just inane ranting will change post to post, but I am hoping to continue some of the work I started when I was podcasting and when I tossed my hat in the editorial ring for a cup of coffee.

Big thanks to the folks at Do Some Damage for inviting me over to talk with you all and maybe expose you to something you haven't heard or thought about yet.

I'll try to keep the cussing to a minimum (that's a fucking lie).


Angel Luis Colón is the Derringer and Anthony Award nominated writer of 5 books including his latest novel HELL CHOSE ME. In his down time, he’s edited an anthology or two, hosted a podcast, helped edit the flash fiction site Shotgun Honey, and has taken up bread baking during the pandemic because why the hell not?

Keep up with him on Twitter via @GoshDarnMyLife

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