Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Crime Conn Express

I'm running around these days with a number of things to do, so writing a piece this week is proving a bit difficult.  Still, I guess I can use this occasion to mention something I'll be participating in, an event put on by the Mystery Writers of America New York branch.  It's CrimeCONN Express 2, so named for a crime writer conference normally held in Connecticut.  This year, for the second year in a row, it's virtual, with a moderator talking to three crime fiction writer (or publisher) panelists.

This coming Thursday, June 17th, from 7PM to 8PM, I'll be moderating a panel called "We Gotta Get Out of This Place.  How Changing Up Settings Can Free Your Imagination".  On the panel will be Timothy Hallinan, Cara Black, and Johnny Temple.  Hallinan has written a few series, including the Poke Rafferty series set in Thailand, Cara Black is 19 books into her Aimee Leduc Investigations series set in Paris, with a 20th book to come next year, and Johnny Temple, of course, has overseen the great Akashic Books Noir Series (Barcelona Noir, Addis Ababa Noir, Cape Cod Noir, Sao Paolo Noir, and so on).  


The description for the event reads "What we can learn from writing about places - or time periods - in which we don't live. It’s a big universe out there, and international crime writing has never been more rich and mind-bending. How learning about crime in Paris, or Stockholm, can inform your story set in, for example, a small New England town."

I'm looking forward to talking with these three and I'll do my best to keep things engaging and lively.  It's a free Zoom event, but you do have to register to watch.  

The link to register is here: WE GOTTA GET OUT OF THIS PLACE

If you have an hour free Thursday evening, hope you can join us.

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