Thursday, May 20, 2021

Beau loves Dove Season


This week Beau takes a look at Johnny Shaw's excellent Dove Season.

A dying man might ask for anything: forgiveness, a compassionate ear, a cold glass of water.  Jimmy Veeder’s father asked him for a Mexican prostitute.

DOVE SEASON is a contemporary crime novel set on both sides of the Calexico/Mexicali border.

It has been twelve years since Jimmy set foot in the desert.  But as his father’s cancer spreads, Jimmy returns to share what little time they have left.  He never expected to be sent into the Mexicali underworld in search of a hooker named Yolanda.  With the help of his erratic-at-best childhood friend Bobby Maves and too much beer, Jimmy stumbles among the violent, the exploited, and the corrupted of the border town.

Finding Yolanda proves to be the easy part.  What follows forces Jimmy to confront family secrets and question everything he held to be true about his father.

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