Saturday, March 9, 2019

Year of an Indie Writer: Week 10

Scott D. Parker

Blogging can be very tempting.

Two Blogs?

I have two blogs: my original one via blogspot and my author one. My initial thought back in 2015 when I started the author blog was to ditch the blogspot and focus only on the author one. Later, I realized there were some benefits to having two blogs so I converted the blogspot one to be strictly for my western pen name. Now, I've come around to maintaining both blogs with more or less identical content.

Overkill? Most likely, but I prefer to reach as many folks as possible. Plus, the blogspot site has all my blogs since 2008, and that's worth something. Another factor is that the blogspot one might come across less like an author site than the actual author one. In fact, I'm thinking about rebranding the blogspot site with something more personal. That way, I'll be able to just write about stuff that the Author Self might not. Not sure. Still pondering.

Oh, and commenting on blogspot is much easier.

So, for the time being, they're still going to be identical. You can read my posts however you want.

Blog Writing 

Let's face it: we writers enjoy not only the act of writing and creating but also the joy of interaction. With fiction writing, there is always the inevitable lag. We sit in front of our computer's and write the story. No matter how much excitement this part of the process generates, it often dissipates waiting for the story to reach readers.

Not so with blog writing. With our various blogging platforms and the social media to spread the the link around, we can get eyes on our posts within minutes of putting in that final period. Throw in comments and we can have all but immediate feedback.

It's intoxicating. But also detrimental. The time spent crafting a blog post is time not spent writing. And if you are in a boat similar to mine--day job with not quite two hours available per day for fiction writing--writing time is very precious. Once gone, it never comes back.

Which is why I instituted a new personal policy when it comes to writing a blog post: a 15-minute segment is all I'll devote to a blog post at any one time. Often, if I have some thoughts on a subject, I know I can concisely get my thoughts on pixel in that time. It'll probably come in around 500 words. Long enough for a blog post.

In this manner, I'll maintain not only constant blog posts--for all those algorithms--but also keep more time ready for actual fiction writing.

These weekly Indie Author posts are longer than normal...but I also work on them throughout the week and not in one giant session.

Writing Anywhere at Anytime

Can you? Can you write anywhere at anytime?

Thankfully, I always have been able to do this. Good thing, too.

On Monday, I took my boy to Main Event so he could have some team-building time with his co-workers. We left at 7:15 pm and stayed until 9:40 or so. I brought my Chromebook, my Kindle, and a steno pad. I intended to work. With bowling, pools, an arcade, and a booming soundtrack right above my head...well, it wasn't exactly quiet.

Nothing at all like my 4:30 am writing time in my house when I'm truly the only one awake.

What did I do? Finished reading FARADAY: THE IRON HORSE by James Reasoner. Finished writing the book review I posted this past Wednesday. Finished the then latest chapter on the new Ben Wade, PI, short story/novella. All with all of that distraction.

When we left, my boy asked if I was able to get work done. When I listed my accomplishments, even he seemed impressed.

Being able to write anywhere at anytime is a good tool to have in one's toolbox.

What I'm Reading/Finished

Speaking of THE IRON HORSE, have you read my review of this fantastic book by the prolific storyteller James Reasoner? I really enjoyed the tale.

My book club met this past Tuesday. We discussed Jeff VanderMeer's BORNE. While the book was clearly competently written, it was not for me.

For some reason, I've had a hankering to read some classic franchise novels. Forty years ago next month, Brian Daley's HAN SOLO AT STARS' END was published. It's the book I selected for the book club. In addition to that, I'm reading an old Star Trek novel by Barbara Hambly, ISHMAEL.

My current audiobook is APOLLO 8: The Thrilling Story of the First Mission to the Moon by Jeffrey Kluger. As we gear up to the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 this July, I looked up Apollo 9 and 10. We are currently in the 50-year-old window of Apollo 9 (3-13 March 1969). Apollo 10 starts in May.

Oh, and I likely watched--and loved--"Captain Marvel" last night...but here, in real time, I haven't seen it yet. :-)

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