Sunday, March 10, 2019

A Book Launch

By Claire Booth
A Deadly Turn had its official launch last night.

I read a short passage, which I do at every signing. This one was much more difficult to choose, however. I usually stick pretty close to the beginning, but this time I had to go further into the book to find something that would work. That's because the very start of A Deadly Turn is pretty intense. I didn't 1) want to give that away, and 2) turn the whole event into a downer.

Once I found a good spot, I marked the hell out of it. I've found that doing this beforehand helps me with reading aloud.
One of the keys to a fantastic event is the location. As you can see below, I had that. My local independent bookstore is called Face in a Book, and it's the most welcoming, reader-centric place you can imagine. (And wouldn't you kill to have those kinds of bookshelves in your home? I would.)

After all the writing in a quiet room (i.e. no human contact), it was wonderful to share the results with people. And I can't thank everyone who came enough. It might have been just one evening, but your support (and I think I can safely speak for other authors on this, too) gets me through years of slogging along on a manuscript. Thank you.
How could I not end with a shot of happy readers?

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