Sunday, November 20, 2016

A Time for Turkeys

It’s turkey season. Yes, there’s the meal on Thursday, but I’m talking about the reappearance of our neighborhood flock.
 Major Tom at the end of the driveway
They show up about the first of November and stick around for several months. And I love them. They remind me that our neighborhood isn’t just all about the humans. And they make me very thankful I live in an area that has wildlife.
Access to nature is important to me, and so I’m thankful to have it in my everyday life. And as we close in on Thanksgiving, I’m also thankful for my friends and family, and for my writing.
What’s important to you? What makes you thankful? And how much extra time would you factor in if you knew you’d get stuck in a turkey jam on the way to work?


Holly West said...

I love the turkeys in our neighborhood, too. Although we see a lot more of them in the Spring and Summer, very few right now. I think they got wind of it being Thanksgiving-time.

Claire Booth said...

Hmmm. They may be down by my house. We never see them in the spring or summer. They must head for your higher ground in those seasons!