Thursday, May 26, 2016

Feed Your Ears: Crime Scene Podcast

By Steve Weddle

Soon after we first launched the Do Some Damage blog back in 1964, Jay Stringer got to work on the podcast version. You can find the podcast down the right rail on this here DSD site or at iTunes. Jay has moved on to doing his own Hacks podcast, which you can find here.

Eryk Pruitt
I enjoy listening to podcasts when I have time. I also dig audio books and the baseball channel on XM radio. Like pretty much everyone except my Uncle Clyde, I don't have enough time to do all the things I'd like to do. My appetite is legend. I've tried listening to audio books while I run, but after a few miles it gets pretty hard to hear the story over my gulping for air and then, pretty soon, I can't hear the book at all when I'm throwing up.

Recently, I got the chance to listen to some of Eryk Pruitt's new podcast on WCOM, which you can listen to via the webbernets. The latest episode features a talk about book reviewing, with guests Benoit Lelievre, Keith Rawson, and DSD's own Renee Asher Pickup.

Some highlights:

I was surprised to find that Keith and I agree on something and that it happens to be a movie. He and I share a minority opinion about Mad Max: Fury Road.

Renee went on the record to make sure everyone was clear that Tom Pitts is OK and that she doesn't have any problem with him.

Ben told an amazing story about a less-than-glowing book review that he wrote and ultimately took down when the author's fans began threatening Ben online and posting photographs of Ben's apartment building.

In fact, one of the best aspects of this episode was hearing stories about specific authors and publishers:

- How an indie publisher was upset with a review Keith wrote and has worked to keep him from reviewing their books since.

- How a Big Six Publisher emailed Ben after wrote a review they weren't happy with. In the email, they told him that their editors were at ThrillerFest and that everyone there was talking about Ben and laughing at him behind his back. Then the administration for ThrillerFest got involved. Crazy story.

- How Renee gave a three-star review on Amazon to an author and then had him on her own podcast (Books and Booze) the following day. #Tense

Check out the podcast here and, if you'd like, post in the comments about your favorite book podcast. Thanks


MB said...

added to my subscribes

Anonymous said...

The BOOKWORM podcast is good, too

Erik Arneson said...

Eryk's podcast is excellent. In a bit of self-promotion, I'll mention my own Title 18: Word Crimes, on which Scott Detrow (whose voice may be familiar to NPR listeners) reads great crime fiction short stories. It's on iTunes, Stitcher, etc., and also right here: