Thursday, July 29, 2010


I'm prone to distraction. My mind gets caught up on something and it freezes me up. Often, this is a good thing. The distraction is something writing related, figuring out a plot point or something a character needs to do. I write it down and I can get back to doing whatever it was I was doing.

However, sometimes there are distractions that keep me from writing.

And I am in the middle of one right now.

You see, I'm getting married a week from Saturday. And the planning is taking up a lot of time. So I'm sitting at just over 39,000 words in my manuscript and I've frozen up a bit. Most of what I have written this week has been crap.

And a lot of what I've blogged on here the last few weeks. (Go ahead, say it... You're writing crap now, Dave? How is that different from anything else you've done on DSD?)

I'm trying to keep my routine. Go to the gym, then write, then lunch, but it's not working. I've spent too much time on the phone. Too much running around.

I'm excited to get married, and I know in 3 weeks, the writing will really pick up again.

But for right now, I'm a little frozen.

So after tomorrow, I'm gonna be off from the blog for two weeks. Joelle will be handling Thursday duties for me.



Unknown said...

I'm the same, Dave. My school report read: 'Colin is a bright boy, but easily distracted'.
But, hey, getting married is a pretty good excuse, fella, so don't be so hard on yourself.

Dana King said...

"I'm excited to get married, and I know in 3 weeks, the writing will really pick up again."

You newlyweds are so cute when you're still naive.

Don;t stress over the wedding. You're only there so the bride has someone to stand next to. No offense. It's what grooms are for. Think about it. The other noun definition of "groom" is someone who brushes horses. It's an honorable gig, just don't stress.

Ron Earl Phillips said...

You know I told myself the same thing right before I got married, and well 3 weeks passed and no really significant writing got done for 15 yrs. ;)

Of course we broke our 5 yr plan, pretty quick. That plan not to have a kid and enjoy life and establish ourselves in 5 years. Oops.

Nigel Bird said...

I got married three weeks ago. It was a busy time and the pay off for the effort, one of the nicest days I can remember. As you say, your mind is on other things and they will continue whether you like it or not. Do yourself a favour, forget the novel - it will still be waiting. Give your bride-to-be the help she deserves because, no doubt, she's feeling the pressure times 10. Go on honeymoon and forget the novel, too. Let it stew in your subconscious. Take a notebook. Dash off a short story or two when there's time. Fuel yourself with that. Routine will return all too soon - make the most of the now. And congratulations.

Joelle Charbonneau said...

Have a fabulous wedding:) Enjoy the party. We'll hold down the fort while you're gone.