Monday, November 14, 2022

Quick chills

By Marietta Miles

I am always up for something scary. No matter the season. However, there is something perfect about settling in for a good fright when the chilly winds of Winter rattle and knock upon the door. As a scare enthusiast I have read, watched and visited a plethora of imaginative terrors. So, in order to keep on keeping on, I’ve expanded my dread-inducing diet.

Super spooky shorts are great when you need a thrill but haven’t the time to truly commit. You need a quick chill, not a long and looming tale. Plus, I believe it is a true challenge to create, develop, and wrap-up a memorable fright fest in less than 30 minutes and I love watching how creatives work around the challenge.

For the creepy cause I have consumed a myriad of shorts films and video. There are plenty to choose from and there are those that I would not watch again to those that I emphatically suggest. Here are my favorite spooky shorts for your viewing pleasure.


Suckablood is the 5th film in the Bloody Cuts Horror anthology, a project created by participants of the British 48hr Film Challenge. Suckablood is a dark, gothic bedtime story directed and narrated by Ben Tillett. The visuals are like a macabre layer cake, beautiful and terrifying. With rhyming narration, a familiar sense of childhood fear, and shocking but gorgeous gore Suckablood reminds the viewer of the dark side of our beloved fairytales.


Curve is a short film written by Tim Egan and starring Laura Jane Turner. From the very beginning of this short there are questions. Concerns and terrifying mysteries. Laura, her character name is never given, awakens injured and trapped on a smooth, curved surface set above a “sentient abyss.” The entire film is her attempt to swallow her suffering and inch closer to safety while the true and horrifying nature of her reality is expertly revealed.

Attic Panic

Attic Panic tells of a woman tidying an attic, distracted by her chore until she notices a movement nearby. And so, begins the simple and terrifying story. With no score to rely upon, the film uses natural noises and sounds to amplify the growing terror. The not so special setting and the smarts of our protagonist makes the twist all the more scary. David F. Sandberg made his debut with the highly acclaimed Lights Out film. He also directed The Conjuring Universe spin-off film Annabelle: Creation and Shazam!, the seventh installment in the
DC Extended Universe.

Lights Out

And speaking of Lights Out, this short also takes a position on my list. The three minute film tells the story of a woman, home alone, and the creature stalking her. A lean tale with no background or backstory, watching the hunt is terrifying enough, only what happens in the moment.

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