Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Noir Con Returns

This year for the first time in four years, Noir Con will be returning to action, the convention dedicated to, well, all things noir in literature, cinema, television, art, and audio.  It will be virtual this year, so anyone anywhere can register to "attend", and the lineup that's been assembled is impressive.  I've gone to a few Noir Cons, when they were held in Philadelphia, in the past, and whether I was participating on a panel or not, I've never failed to have anything but a great time. I've also, as with any good convention, always managed to learn a few things.

This year, the panels and discussions kick off on Friday, October 21st at 2:30 PM EDT, and everything runs till Sunday, October 23rd at 7 PM EDT.  Some discussions will be pre-recorded, others held live, albeit, again, virtually.  Among the topics that will be discussed: the films of Jean-Luc Godard that are noir-inflected, gender and noir, Jean-Patrick Manchette and the French crime novel, Jewish noir, and graphic novel noir.

If you register, you'll have access to the entire program for 30 days after the program ends.  Interested?  I hope so.

The agenda for the whole thing is here: https://www.accelevents.com/e/noircon-2022#agenda

And to register you can go here: https://www.accelevents.com/e/u/checkout/noircon-2022/tickets/order.

I''ll be on the panel that's held on Friday night October 21st at 6PM EDT.  It'll be on "Lockdown Noir", the best noir films or television series that we discovered while cooped up for all those months during the pandemic.  Andrew Nette will be moderating, and the panel will have Richie Narvaez, Nikki Dolson, Halley Sutton, and myself talking about our favorite discoveries from that time period.

I'm looking forward to the talk, and I hope you can make it, wherever you are.

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