Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Author Websites


By Steve Weddle

Lord have mercy, but some authors have some snazzy websites. Years back I had one over at Squarespace and blogged there, posting reviews and videos and all manner of nonsense. For most folks, the micro-blogging of Twitter and Tumblr and whatever else replaced that. Now, as I understand it, authors are supposed to make a 20-second Snapgram video to put on the TickTock Web. 

It's all passed me by.

But you can Google up "author websites" and you'll come up with lovely sites and tips on who you can pay to make your site lovely. You can find out about having your typography of your site match the typography of your latest book. And you can learn about having the header images on your site match the images of your latest book. Also, something about carousel sliders, which sound fun.

An author's website seems like a great spot for readers to track down interviews and events and sign up for weekly, then monthly, then occasional author newsletters. Those are fun. 

Anyway, I spent the weekend working on my website again, something I haven't done since Hector was a pup.

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