Sunday, June 12, 2022

It Is (Not) A Gas

By Claire Booth 

We’ve been over five bucks a gallon for a while now here in California. Then the other day I pulled into a gas station for this.

A few thoughts flitted through my head as I inhaled the fumes and emptied my bank account.

- Insane.

- Exorbitant.

- Am I going to be able to get out of here for under a hundred bucks?

- Dear God, I’m old enough to remember paying 99 cents a gallon. (It was decades ago during college in the much cheaper Midwest, but still …)

- I’m now nostalgic for five dollars a gallon. There’s a sentence I never imagined I’d say.

- And, just to make myself feel better—it's still not as high as in L.A.

How much is it where you are?


1 comment:

Bob M said...

Here in the Plains states, we're looking at about 4.499/gallon. I drove up to Wisconsin last week for Writers Police Academy and saw it as high as 4.799 around Green Bay.