Thursday, November 4, 2021

Knights and pawns


This week, Beau takes a look at White Knight and Other Pawns.

"Bracken MacLeod has penned a brisk noir thriller that leaves you panting, with the icy fingers of street-raised psychopaths tickling the back of your neck. Dennis Lehane's sensibility with the pedal mashed to the floor and the key broken off in the ignition, WHITE KNIGHT is a heart-thumping ride with an inevitable outcome you can't see coming."
-Thomas Pluck, author of Blade of Dishonor and Bad Boy Boogie

"I urge you to pick up WHITE KNIGHT by Bracken MacLeod at your soonest opportunity. If you enjoy noir that deposits you in the midst of a fevered nightmare and holds you fast with sweating palms and palpitating heart as street justice is sweetly measured out, this is the fiction you must read. This is a hugely masterful accomplishment and that is an understatement."
-Les Edgerton, author of The Bitch and Just Like That

"Bracken MacLeod s WHITE KNIGHT packs a novel's worth of action and emotion into a tightly spun novella; and it proves two of life's most enduring truths in the process: no good deed goes unpunished, and there is no stronger pull for the righteous than to rewrite the wrongs of the past. A powerhouse of a book."
-Joe Clifford, author of Give up the Dead and Broken Ground

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