Sunday, November 21, 2021

Cover Reveal: Dangerous Consequences

It's here. The cover for Dangerous Consequences, book five in my Sheriff Hank Worth series.

It’s definitely the most “daytime” of my covers, with a a bleached-out, sinister quality that I love.  The others were at night or under cloudy skies. Here’s a look back at them. 


Hank Worth Book One

Hank Worth Book Two

Hank Worth Book Three

Hank Worth Book Four

I’ll have a Dangerous Consequences release date for you soon. Stay tuned!



Grace Koshida said...

Yay, congratulations Claire on the cover of your newest Hank Worth book! I always find it interesting how the UK vs US book covers differ in design and mood. The first four books by Severn House certainly give off a darker tone than your new one (or the US covers).

Can't wait to hear more about Dangerous Consequences, including a release date!

Dru Ann said...

Love the cover

Lesa said...

I like the cover, and even like the cover quote. (wink)