Monday, July 12, 2021




Happy book birthday to my friend Beau Johnson.

BRAND NEW DARK is OUT TODAY and Bishop Rider Lives! And for a dead man, he’s been busy. His story and the parts of it yet to be told being what populates Brand New Dark. Unseen moments pulled from between the pages of A Better Kind of Hate, The Big Machine Eats, and All of Them to Burn. Twenty-five new tales that bridge what came before and expand upon what can only come after. Come, see what happened in-between. Come, see how he made them burn.

Praise for BRAND NEW DARK:

“Johnson is keenly aware of the disquieting effect of his stories, and his concise, calculated prose shows a skilled writer who understands exactly how far to push the reader. Brand New Dark is a powerful mix of vengeance, violence, and razor-sharp writing by one of crime fiction’s most daring short story writers.” —E.A. Aymar, author of The Unrepentant

“Beau Johnson is like an alchemist. He melds dark violent narratives with searing heartbreaking fragility. A Brand New Dark is the same old Beau. Fearless, poetic and brutal.” —S.A. Cosby author of Blacktop Wasteland and Razorblade Tears

“Are these stories violent? Yes. Are they dark? Yes. Is Brand New Dark a well-written, page-turning collection of vigilante justice crime fiction at its finest? Hell yes. Nobody gives the bad guys a taste of their own medicine like the master of the genre, Beau Johnson.” —Jennifer Hillier, Thriller Award-winning author of Jar of Hearts


Forever busy Ed Aymar will moderate 1455’s Summer Festival-Crime Fiction, In Short featuring a few of my favorite writers; Sarah M. Chen, Steph Cha, and Nikki Dolson! This panel is all about short stories in crime fiction and these folks are experts. For more information please visit 1455 Summer Festival.

Mr. S.A. Cosby will continue his virtual tour in support of his upcoming release RAZORBLADE TEARS. Shawn is a powerhouse when reading and interviewing live, if you think his written word is special, wait until you hear him read. Make sure you check him out. For more information regarding these events please visit:
Loyalty Bookstore

Steph Post will be participating in a panel encompassing the process of writing fantasy and graphic novels at this year's Tampa Bay Comic Con. MIRACULUM by Ms. Post is an award-winning fantasy novel that is a masterclass in marrying fantasy and reality, her word is gold. For more information please visit Tampa Bay Comic Con.

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