Thursday, May 27, 2021

Beau digs Cannibals


This week, Beau revisits Jen Conley's Cannibals.

“Conley is a wonderful, gutsy writer and her characters ring true, though that won’t help them. They keep getting tripped up by life or by their own poor decisions. And then, every so often, life takes a dip in hope. And when that happens nothing else matters.” — Karen Heuler, author The Inner City.

“Every time I start a new short by Jen Conley, I know I’m in for a treat. Her stories are so good that, even after they hit you in the gut and leave a bruise, you’re thankful for it — so an entire collection is a real gift.” — Rob Hart, author of New Yorked and City of Rose.

Jen Conley’s fiction is quite simply put: masterful. Dark, smart, and deeply emotional; I defy any reader to walk away from her stories unshaken. — Angel Luis Colón, author of The Fury of Blacky Jaguar.

“It’s impossible not to be impressed with Jen Conley’s fiction. You’re destined to have something in her work stay with you, like a scar you lovingly touch over the years. The stories in Cannibals are proof that Conley’s not just one of the best crime fiction writers around, but one of the best writers around, period.” — E.A. Aymar, author of The Dead trilogy, Managing Editor, The Thrill Begins.

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