Sunday, April 18, 2021


By Claire Booth

This coming Saturday is Independent Bookstore Day. For an author, there are no better friends than independent booksellers. They host book signings, promote local authors, and contribute to local economies. And they’ve been hit hard this past year. Now, as things start to open up, many are putting together safe in-person activities or online events to celebrate the day. I’ll be at my “home store,” the wonderful Face in a Book in El Dorado Hills, California (where they’re going to do well-ventilated sidewalk tables and I’ll be wearing a mask). 

A pre-Covid local author event at Face in a Book. That's me on the right with fellow local crime fictioners James L'Etoile and Cindy Sample. (Remember when we could stand so close? Sigh.)
So why should you venture out to your local bookstore that day? Here are a few good reasons:

They’re always friendly and kind and put a lot of work into everything they do.

They’re psychic—they can figure out what you’ll like within two minutes of talking to you.

They’ll broaden your mind, by recommending books you wouldn’t have considered otherwise.

Dashiell of the Raven Book Store in Lawrence, Kan.
They often have furry employees (see photo).

They see nothing wrong with having a five-foot tall TBR* stack.

Who else can you use a literary pun with and have them think it’s funny?

They’ll special order pretty much any book you want.

They let you serve wine at book signings.

The events they host are a vital part of community life.

*To Be Read

And if there isn’t one located near you, consider ordering from an out-of-town store and having it shipped. You can find bookstores or place orders across the country at either or Shop local, shop books!

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