Monday, September 28, 2020

Rob Pierce Chooses Blood

BLOOD BY CHOICE, published September 18, is the third installment of the popular Uncle Dust series from Rob Pierce. Dustin, better known as Dust, is a tough guy who’s tough to figure out. Even with a pocketful of good intents he has a history of crime and violence, and a habit of ending up in trouble.

Trouble is close as two former girlfriends and a child are found dead and Dust is the only connection. He returns to the Bay area to find who committed the brutal murders and to exact payback. But when Rico, Dust’s former boss, and his violent hired gun Vollmer find out he is back in town, Dust’s objective becomes more complicated.

Rob Pierce paints beautiful pictures of the ugliest parts of life. Down in the gutter life. Known for his poetic but blunt and focused prose, Pierce is a favorite among many writers. All f
ans of hard-boiled noir will love this book as well as the other books in the series, UNCLE DUST and WITH THE RIGHT ENEMIES. Rob has a tremendous talent for building characters that are layered and detailed, and worlds that are clear enough to touch. Streets filled with gangs and criminals, bars and diners. And Uncle Dust is a realistic, edgy sort that always surprises.

“Rob Pierce is the squirrelly eyed barfly you see there at 2am when you stop in for a last round with your buddies. He's alone, surly, everything about him says stay the fuck away. And there are a thousand--and million--losers like him in every corner bar in every corner of the world. And you'd never think about him again. You'd grab a last shot, head out laughing with your pals, and be done. Except Rob Pierce possess an uncanny, visceral ability to write eloquently about that scene, and what happens afterwards to that guy, and the world he knows. And it's a sad beautiful violently poetic, tragically heartbreaking and serene world. It exists all around us. Few see it. Fewer can extrapolate its allure. Rob, ratfucker he is, can.”


Rob Pierce is the former Editor-in-Chief of Swill Magazine and co-editor at Flash Fiction Offensive. He has also edited dozens of novels for All Due Respect and freelance, and has had stories published in numerous magazines. Rob has written other books, including TOMMY SHAKES, VERN IN THE HEAT, and the short story collection THE THINGS I LOVE WILL KILL ME YET. Rob has been nominated for a Derringer Award for short crime fiction.

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