Tuesday, April 7, 2020

One Shocking Moment

A month ago, I talked about The Dark Brink of Love, the noir volume of BYNWR, the website devoted to little known and eccentric films given loving restoration. Filmmaker Nicholas Winding Refn started the site, and the three chapters of the noir volume are curated by William Boyle.

Chapter 1, which went live on March 1st, centers around the 1962 film Stark Fear.

Chapter 2 went live on April 1st, and its focus is a restoration of Ted V. Mikels's 1965 nudie cutie noir One Shocking Momenthttps://www.bynwr.com/articles/one-shocking-moment-1965.

Here is what is featured:

- A noir testimonial by Laura Lee Bahr from the POV of Lee Anna, who plays Mindy in One Shocking Momenthttps://www.bynwr.com/articles/the-good-wife-a-noir-testimonial

- William Boyle's essay on the film: https://www.bynwr.com/articles/twentieth-century-hazard

-A profile of legendary stuntman (and co-star of One Shocking Moment) Gary Kent by Ace Atkinshttps://www.bynwr.com/articles/stunts

-A Radio NWR conversation between Ace Atkins and Gary Kent: https://www.bynwr.com/…/pyramids-provocations-and-perfect-i…

-Violet LeVoit's visual poem inspired by Maureen Gaffney, who plays Joanie in One Shocking Momenthttps://www.bynwr.com/ar…/the-crucifixion-of-maureen-gaffney

-Theresa Starkey's memoir about Satan, UFOs, Bigfoot, and  Calvary: https://www.bynwr.com/articles/the-devil-thumbs-a-ride

-Theresa Starkey reads her piece on Radio NWR: https://www.bynwr.com/articles/the-devil-thumbs-a-ride-1

-William Boyle's essay about tracking down a lost script by dive bar poet Eddie "Cold Hands" Caponetto: https://www.bynwr.com/articles/cold-hands

- Laura Lee Bahr's "The Melting Memoir," where her L.A. life gets all tangled up in Lee Anna/Mindy's world. Bahr also made a video collage, "Mindy's Lament" (inspired by Kenneth Anger's "Puce Moment"), to accompany the piece: https://www.bynwr.com/articles/the-melting-memoir

-Finally, there's Charlie Beesley's Discarded America: https://www.bynwr.com/…/charlie-beesleys-discarded-america-…

And Peter Conheim's The Restorationists: https://www.bynwr.com/…/the-restorationists-one-shocking-mo…

There is plenty to explore here, and what better time to do it than now, when we all have lots of time on our hands.

Ted V. Mikels

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