Sunday, November 3, 2019

Bouchercon Wrap Up

Best Short Story Anthony Award nominees Barb Goffman (blue shirt) SA Cosby, Art Taylor, and Holly West. 

By Claire Booth
DALLAS—Bouchercon is almost over. Four days of constant talking and no sleep. It’s fabulous. 
One of the most fun—and most beneficial—things I got to do was something called “author speed dating.” It’s where two authors get two minutes each to talk about their books to eight readers. Then they hop up from the table they’re sitting at and move on to the next one. Nineteen times. My partner Hallie Ephron and I did our spiels for 152 readers. Readers who were willing to get up at 7 a.m. to see a bunch of authors. How great is that? 
It’s the third time I’ve done this at various conferences, and every time has been great. I do walk away with no voice left, but so grateful for the opportunity to talk to so many avid, passionate readers. 
Now I’m ready to fly back to Sacramento, exhausted and happy. Here are a few shots from my week. 

Speed dating—so many people!
Me with librarian and book reviewer Lesa Holstine. 
DSD: Me, SA Cosby, and Holly West after their Anthony Award nominee panel.

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