Thursday, July 25, 2019

Some Ideas About Running a Noir at the Bar

By David Nemeth

Noir at the Bar, Wilmington DE, (July 21, 12019)
I'm still learning how to do organize this whacky thing called Noir at the Bar. But here are some things I try to do. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

1. Find the Sweet Spot for Number of Readers

It's not as easy as one thinks to get this number right: is it 6, 8, 10, 12 – even odd numbers are okay. For me in Wilmington DE, the number is 6. For Eryk Pruitt in Hillsborough NC, his number is 8.

2. Get a Host for the Night

If you've done enough already organizing the event. It's not like you're going to chilled and relaxed during the N@B, but give yourself one less thing to do. (Stolen from Eryk Pruitt)

3. Publish Bios of Writers Prior to the Night

You already collect the bios for the host to introduce the writers, use them ahead of time and published them on Facebook the week before. The writers get excited about a little promotion and it's a great reminder through the week that Noir at the Bar is upcoming.

4. Have an Audience Favorite Award

The audience loves it and the writer that wins the award really seems to like it. You can get anything engraved on Amazon. (Stolen from Ed Aymar)

5. Adapt to Your Location

Stoney's British Pub was recently on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. The clientele has changed a bit over the last few months–more kids in with their families. I'm going to have to begin asking writers to have two stories: the regular story and a PG version.

6. Get a Good Mix of Local and Out-of-Town Writers

Local writers bring in family and friends. Out-of-towners, well, they're usually just trouble.

7. Coach Writers on How to Use a Microphone

Please, writers, don't be scared of the microphone. Put it right up against your mouth and do your business.

8. Make a Poster

Make sure the poster works well on various social media.

9. Make a Facebook Event

Yeah, yeah, you hate Facebook. Get over yourself and embrace Satan.

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