Tuesday, October 30, 2018

A Tig Torres Mystery

Last night after work, it had been six days since I made it to the gym, so it felt good to get back there and to begin my exercise, as I always do, on the stationary bike.  While pedaling, I either listen to music or a podcast.  This time, I chose a podcast, and in particular, I chose the first two episodes of the brand new Alex Segura and Monica Gallagher scripted Lethal Lit.  

To quote Alex, "Lethal Lit is a new, fictional 'true crime story', starring Tig Torres, a feisty NY teen who finds herself back in her hometown of Hollow Falls, where she must join forces with her new friends to face off against the perils of modern high school life, and a gruesome series of murders perpetrated by the Lit Killer - a serial murderer whose crimes echo stories ripped from the pages of English literature."

Tig is obsessed with finding out who the Lit Killer is because her beloved aunt, who died years ago, is thought in the town to have been the killer.  Tig knows that her aunt, a reporter for the town paper, was trying to solve the case herself, but her aunt was an oddball in the town and when she was found dead in mysterious circumstances, people in Hollow Falls believed she had committed suicide to put an end to her homicidal compulsions.  Of course, when new murders resume, the cops have to acknowledge, however reluctantly, that her aunt couldn't have been the Lethal Lit killer.

The first two episodes are called 'Into the Past" and "A Dark Obsession".  I found them to be absorbing and fun, and the acting and production values are excellent.  The tone is light but has suitable menace, and Tig's character is engaging.  I'm looking forward to following the episodes when they come out on Mondays.

Gotta say that Alex's background writing his Pete Fernandez mystery novels as well as writing about young adults and their adventures for Archie Comics have combined here quite well.

Here's a link to the podcast: https://tigtorres.com/.

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