Friday, August 31, 2018


BoucherCon is right around the corner and I'm busy figuring out where my desire to look amazing intersects with the fact that it's going to be 90 degrees and humid all week - but in the meantime, everyone is sharing their "schedules." The last few years I didn't have a schedule or a plan other than to show up in the hotel lobby and look for friendly faces, but this year I actually have some stuff going on.

I don't tend to schedule myself to death, so I'll pop in and out of panels that interest me and/or feature my favorite crime writers and friends. I don't want to get too detailed with that, because I'll inevitably change my mind.

Thursday I'll be registering, casting my Anthony ballot, and sitting in the lobby with a drink in my hand - coffee before noon, then who knows? But Thursday night at 830, it's the be there or be square event of BoucherCon - Noir at the Bar. The line up is packed full of amazing writers, and I'll be getting there early to grab a seat.

Friday at 2pm I'll be in the Vinoy Grand for the Boucher general meeting, where we will be able to vote on (among other things) keeping the new harassment policy permanently. Please make a point of attending! 

At 4pm I'm in the Avery Chancellor Room with fellow Damage Doer, Danny Gardner, Kieran Shea, and Kristin Sullivan on the Fight Me! Panel. We'll be giving our most unpopular opinions on crime fiction, and hope to see some fellow disrupters and rabble rousers in the room.

Friday evening I'll be supporting my friends who are nominated for Shamus Awards at the banquet. Keep your fingers crossed.

Saturday I will be haunting the panels that excite me, hobnobbing, lunching, and snapping selfies with all you wonderful miscreants, but at 4pm in the Royal 3AB room I will be on the Mirror Image panel with Danny Gardner (they like keeping the trouble makers together, apparently), Steph Cha, Thomas Mullen, Amy Stewart, and moderator Paul D. Marks. We'll be discussing how crime fiction can serve as a reflection of social issues and hopefully get into the good stuff about the importance of a genre like crime fiction in a social environment like today's.

Saturday night I'll be at The Anthony's alongside everyone else, and Sunday I have a late flight, so if you're going to be around, let me know!

Important note:

The always amazing Christa Faust has rounded up a group of authors, including herself and yours truly, who are willing to be your safe person/excuse to leave/heavy/etc. if another attendee is making you uncomfortable. Look for a silver star on any author's name badge - it may be drawn on in marker or it might be a big ridiculous pin - that's the sheriff's posse. Don't hesitate to wave at one of us and use us as your excuse, if one is needed. Of course, everyone hopes that there will be no need for it, but it's good to look out for each other.

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