Thursday, July 19, 2018

All killer, no filler: Week 3 of SEVEN MINUTES WITH

By Steve Weddle

Week the Third of the "7 Minutes With" podcast, brought to you by DoSomeDamage is up.

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This week, your host screwed up the Holly West segment.

Go tell Holly West how much you miss her.

Holly's TV time is spent with Tom Pitts, so we thank him for stopping by on short notice.

I also chatted with Jay Stringer about the World Cup, but Glasgow seagulls overtook the sound and it was unsuable.

As always, Jedidiah Ayres talks about film, while Chris F. Holm suggests some music.

Chris F. Holm picks the tunes:

Essex Green

Elephant Six

Ladybug Transistor

Neutral Milk Hotel

Belle & Sebastian

LuLuc: Sculptor

Nick Drake tribute

Dirty Three

Elvis Costello

Mission of Burma


Beastie Boys

Catherine Wheel 

Jedidiah Ayres talks about movies:

Equalizer 2

Training Day

Brooklyn's Finest

Dark Blue

James Ellroy


Tom Pitts on TV shows:


I'm Dying Up Here


As I said, we thank Tom Pitts, but we miss Holly West. She should be back for the next episode, unless she decided to just move to the beach 4evah.

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