Thursday, June 14, 2018

Podcast on the way

By Steve Weddle

So we’re bringing back the podcast.  Well, bringing back A podcast. OK. So it’s kind of a new thing.

We did a podcast many years back, which was mostly interviews and reviews. And then Russel and Dave and Jay talked about Doctor Who for a dozen or so episodes. So, this will be our third series, I guess.

The format of the new version will be this:

• Chat with Chris Holm for seven or eight minutes about new music he’s digging.
• Chat with Holly West for seven or eight minutes about TV shows she’s watching.
• Chat with Jedidiah Ayres for six or seven minutes about movies he wants to discuss.

And, if I have some loose audio lying around, I might work that in. I did an author chat last week with Caleb Johnson, so listen for that. Hear Caleb answer this question:

Twice a month, starting next week. Keep your ears peeled. Cheers.

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