Friday, September 1, 2017

Running at 75mph

The famous quote is "war is months of boredom, punctuated my moments of acute terror," and the writing life is kind of like that. Well, it's not terror so much as intense flurries of activity. So while I'm working on deadlines and trying to get my shit together, behold some of my flurry!

The Johnny Cash anthology I am thrilled to be a part of, Just To Watch Them Die is out! It won't hit Amazon for a could days, but you can get it now! HERE. The table of contents reads like a list of all your favorite (and mine) crime fiction writers so don't miss it.
Tomorrow you can catch me at Radio on Leg 3 of Beast Crawl. I'll be reading with Joe Clifford, Rob Pierce, Sean Craven, Holly West, and Joshua Hattam. So come find us! Info HERE.

In the meantime I've been invited to a couple of anthologies so all the people bugging me for more short fiction will be happy again! Boucher Con is just over a month away, so preparations are in full force. And I just might have a fun announcement about another event SOON.

Hope to see you somewhere on these travels soon.

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