Friday, September 15, 2017

Best Crime Headlines of the Week

I have had a hell of a week. I've driven up and down most of California twice, and by the time you read this, will likely be doing it a third time. I've got sick family, a sick cat, and then I thought it would be fun to have food poisoning. All while the husband is out of town for work and I'm taking care of the kid one on one. In short: I've needed all the laughs I can get.

The news is rarely a place for laughs, but I did find a few gem headlines this week.

Woman admits to using county cash to buy her pug a tuxedo (The world's most adorable crime).

Martin Shkreli is Jailed for Seeking a Hair from Hillary Clinton (I had to read it three times before clicking just to enjoy it. Of course it's a misleading headline, I knew it would be. But it's kind of poetic).

Sweet & Stylin' Bandit Convicted in Second Trial on 50 More Counts (Fifty more counts of being so stylish it should be a crime).

DNA From Man's Poopy Shorts Leads to His Arrest (no words for this one).

Dancing around in a bra in front of your neighbors may be weird, but it's not a crime, court rules (No, this one isn't about me).

At least a couple of these could work as writing prompts (though I wouldn't want to think about Shkreli long enough to write about him).

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