Thursday, June 29, 2017

Author Interview

By Sam Belacqua

I've been known to take part in author interviews, from both sides of the bar. Coming up with questions can be tough. Original. Thoughty. The sort of question that calls for more than a one-sentence response.

I've read horrible, dull interviews. I've read interviews in which it was clear the questioner hadn't read the book. Heck, I've read reviews where the reviewer hadn't read the book. And I've read interviews where it seemed the author hadn't read the book.

Anyhoo, if you're struggling to come up with questions for an author interview, I'm here to help. Whether you're hosting an author podcast or blogging or writing for print, feel free to use these questions below. Most of them were extras that I didn't get the chance to ask, for one reason or another. You're welcome.


Your new novel, THE GIRL WITH THE CARETAKER’S DAUGHTER, is your twentieth in the series. Many authors seem to have run out of ideas after the seventh or eighth novel in a series, but that doesn’t seem to bother you. What’s your secret? 

A few years ago I remember reading in Variety that one of your novels had been optioned for a movie, but it seems like nothing ever came of that. What happened?

Your literary novel, JAMES McGAVIN’S DECAYING MOLARS: A NOVEL, received 86 positive reviews in  various Brooklyn media outlets, but has a 2.0 rating on seven Amazon reviews. How many years did you work for that literary website in Brooklyn?

I read on someone's post about you that you tend to write in coffee shops. Is an Americano the one with froth or is that a latte?

I noticed that you seem be taking up to seven months between novels, with only a Kindle single to tide your fans over. What takes so long?

Your website has a songlist for each of your novels. What am I supposed to do with that? Listen to the songs when I read your book? On repeat? The playlists are about 30 minutes or so and it takes me a long time to get through your books. So, all the playlists together? Or if I like The White Stripes, then I’m supposed to like your book? Please advise.

How would you describe your new novel to someone who hasn’t read it, but needs to ask questions about it?

I subscribed to your Author Newsletter, "Read, Write, and Blue," because you had an interview in it with Don Winslow one time, and he’s a really great writer. Now your newsletter is mostly links to buy “swag” for your books and a low res PDF of your upcoming blog tour. How do I unsubscribe?

What’s the worst reading experience you’ve ever had? Ever had a reading where no one showed up or maybe some people did, but no one bought any books? What’s that like?

Your agent, Karen Jenkins, reps some of my favorite authors. This isn’t part of the interview, but I queried her a few weeks ago with the first 40 pages a novel I’m working on. Would it be OK if you emailed her about my writing? Is that called a blurb? 


Alex Segura said...

Long-range scanners indicate a high concentration of snark emanating from the planet's surface, Captain.

Unknown said...

I thought Read, Write, and Blue was a great name for my newsletter, thank you very much.