Saturday, May 13, 2017

Not Writing Because of Grief and Worry

Scott D. Parker

Life dealt the family a blow last Saturday and it affected the writing.

Actually, as the week wore on, I realized it was a good thing I was in the middle of all the little tweaks needed to update the website, create Amazon and Facebook ads, etc. Frankly, I was already in that mindset. T’was a good thing, too. It was very difficult to wake at 4:30am this week. Nearly every morning, I snoozed at least 15 minutes. That ate into the writing time—that precious hour before the day gets started. Since I time every session, I made the decision on one occasion “eh, I only have fifteen minutes so why start now?” I ended up picking up some writing later in the day, but nowhere near my usual output.

But much of the legwork getting some marketing and updating completed should make this coming week more efficient…

…except for the other medical issue we have in the house.

When this month is over, it’ll likely end up being less productive that I expected it to be on 1 May.

But that’s life, huh?

Let’s hear it for there always being another day, week, or month to get back to the writing when life throws obstacles in your way.

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pattinase (abbott) said...

This has been my issue since last August. I have barely written a word since then. By now, I am thinking it is over for me. But you are a generation younger so it is not over for you. I am sure of it.