Thursday, January 5, 2017

Left Coast Crime Awards 2017 - Eligible Titles.

By Jay Stringer

Hey. Miss me?

Don't answer that.

Last year we put together a list of titles eligible for the Anthony Awards. You seemed to like that. Or, at least, you stopped throwing fruit at me for a few days afterwards.

Nominations for the Left Coast Crime Awards -The Lefty- are open now. The closing date is January 14th.

I'll be back later today to start listing some books. In the meantime, if there are any you want to suggest -your own or someone else's- you can leave a comment below or get in touch with me on any of the social places.

I'll be updating the list as suggestions come in, so it's worth leaving your nominations for a while and checking back in on this post closer to the deadline. Also, if I'm suggested a title but not sure of category, I'm putting it in the 'other' section. YMMV, and if you want a title moved, drop a comment.

The categories are;

Best Humorous Mystery Novel

The Case of the Missing Morris Dancer - Cathy Ace

Leadfoot - Eric Beetner
No Happy Endings - Angel Luis Colón
The Pursuit - Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg
Crosswise - S.W. Lauden
Genuinely Dangerous - Mike McCrary
Riot Load - Bryon Quertermous
Floodgate - Johnny Shaw
How to Kill Friends and Implicate People - Jay Stringer
A Muddied Murder - Wendy Tyson

Best Historical Mystery Novel (pre-1960)

A Death Along The River Fleet - Susanna Calkins

Road To Perdition: The New, Expanded Edition - Max Allan Collins 

Best Debut Mystery Novel

The Branson Beauty - Claire Booth

The Defence - Steve Cavanagh
The Big Fear - Andrew Case
Cleaning Up Finn - Sarah M. Chen
IQ - Joe Ide
Design For Dying - Renee Patrick
The Drifter - Nick Petrie
Nothing Short of Dying - Erik Storey

Best Mystery Novel Not In The Other Categories

Shot In Detroit - Patricia Abbott

The Corpse With The Garnet Face - Cathy Ace
Ridgerunner - Rusty Barnes
All the Devils - Neil Broadfoot
December Boys - Joe Clifford
Come Twilight - Tyler Dilts
Disgraced - Gwen Florio
South Village - Rob Hart
Stalked - Elizabeth Heiter
surveillance - Reece Hirsch
Iron Goddess - Dharma Kellher
Grizzly Season - S.W. Lauden
A Murder of Crows - Terrence McCauley
Arrowood - Laura McHugh
Baggage - S.G. Redling
Down The Darkest Street - Alex Segura
Blind Rage - Michael W. Sherer
Bind Instinct - Michael W. Sherer
An Empty Hell - Dave White
Heart of Stone - James Ziskin


Unknown said...

Great list! Thanks for putting this together.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for doing this, Jay!