Monday, December 5, 2016

The Overlooked Gift

During this season of festive cheer, it's easy to think about the gifts that are bought and exchanged on a fixed date, and come in a pretty bag or shiny paper.

For the creative writers, thoughtful storytellers, and those who appreciate a story of substance with less action, that probes the depths of a broken soul, there's been a gift out there for the last four years, and it's coming to an end in ten days.
I speak of arguably the most overlooked show on television. Rectify. We have been sharing Daniel's journey since the beginning, and I have no idea if it will end with some glimmer of hope, or with gut-wrenching heartache, but I do know this: I will have tissues handy.

Rectify is the story of a man who, at the age of 18, was sentenced to be put to death for a rape/murder. It begins with his release from prison after DNA evidence calls his conviction into question. As we move forward with Daniel's journey to adjust to a world where people use smart phones instead of Walkmans, to adjust to being out of isolation, to grapple with having choices and the ability to walk outside or sleep in or decide what he wants to eat for breakfast, we share his recollections about his experiences in prison.
We see how he was broken inside, and we watch as he's broken on the outside.

I don't know how else to describe this show, other than to say that it's one of the most haunting, sad and beautiful shows I've ever watched. I know I felt Tatiana Maslany was overlooked for far too long before getting her Emmy, but it is an absolute tragedy that Rectify has not received those accolades.

Remember the preacher from Deadwood? This show was created by that actor, and Ray McKinnon has demonstrated his storytelling genius with a show that is arguably one of the greatest series ever to date that should be on every top 10 list out there.
 "What was real to you, Daniel?" "The time in between the seconds. And my books. And my friend."
 The first three seasons are on Netflix, and you can catch up on season 4 on the SundanceTV website. Time to call in sick and cram to catch up for this Wednesday's penultimate episode.

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