Sunday, November 6, 2016

To Begin Anew (Novel)

I recently started Hank Worth Book Three, and oh my. I’d forgotten what the beginning of writing a novel is like. Just like giving birth – you forget how painful and terrifying it is until you do it again.
So now I sit in front a computer file with a measly few thousand words in it. And all that empty real estate in front of me. Pages just waiting to be filled – with sparkling prose, gasp-inducing plot twists, and astonishing character development. No pressure, right?
But then I think about it from the opposite direction – I think of all the possibilities. All the different plots I could twist. All the difficulties I could throw at my characters. All the people I could kill. And that makes it seem not so daunting. It makes it seem fun. And so I get to work.

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