Friday, June 3, 2016

A New Addition to the Family...

It's Friday!

It's Friday and the beautiful book I collaborated with Andrez Bergen on is HERE!

Cover by the amazing Franz Kantor
This book... if you've been following the blog here you know my journey to seeing my name on the cover of a real live novel has not been the most traditional. It's been a strange and winding road, but the book is here now and I couldn't be prouder of this beautiful orange baby.

My shipment of copies is on it's way and I have big plans for the people who order directly from me (and there will be a giveaway or two, of course) but if you're the impatient type - if you've been wondering all this time how the hell we made disco, noir, and Tristan and Isolde fit together beautifully - you can order it on Amazon RIGHT NOW!

This is a purely self promotional post. I'm too excited to think of any slick way to write about something else and slide in the news somewhere in the middle. I'm fucking stoked! This is a novel! A novel with MY NAME on the cover!


Side note: at exactly what time of day is it acceptable to break out the bottle of whiskey my lovely friends sent me to celebrate with? Is it 2:11pm? Because it's 2:11pm right now...

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