Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Anthony Awards: Eligible Titles

By Jay Stringer

(Just when you thought I'd left, huh?)

Okay, here's the deal. The ballots for the Anthony Award nominations are out and the rules are here. You may have noticed, as your facebook feed is full right now of authors looking for nominations. There's nowt wrong with that at all. We all do it. But it can get tricky to remember what books you've read.

With all the titles flying around, it's difficult keeping track everything.

Some authors are comfortable with BSP, some aren't. Some publishers get titles out in front of everyone, some aren't able to. Some indie authors have nobody in their corner, no publisher or publicist.

If you're any one of those -or if you're a fan who wants to speak up for a particular title- add your suggestions (including title, author, category) to the comments here, or seek me out via email and facebook, and we'll add it to this list. And if you've already sent in your suggestions and don't see them here, give me another shout, some might have slipped through the initial rush.


You're As Good As Dead - E.A. Aymar

Made To Kill - Adam Christopher 

Night Tremors - Matt Coyle

Night Night, Sleep Tight - Hallie Ephron

The Scam - Janet Evanovich & Lee Goldberg

The Killing Kind - Chris Holm 

Pleasantville - Attica Locke

Cry Uncle - Russel D McLean 

Dead Out - Jon McGoran

Burnt River - Karin Salvalaggio 

The Stolen Ones - Owen Laukkanen

Zeroes - Chuck Wendig


Concrete Angel - Patricia Abbott

Go Down Hard - Craig Faustus Buck

True Grift - Jack Bunker

The Short Drop - Matthew Fitzsimmons

A Negro and an Ofay - Danny Gardner

New Yorked - Rob Hart- Polis Books

Bad Citizen Corporation - S.W. Lauden 

A Line Of Blood - Ben McPherson 

Bull Mountain - Brian Panowich

Murder Boy - Bryon Quertermous 

On The Road With Del And Louise - Art Taylor 


Rumrunners - Eric Beetner

Blessed Are Those Who Weep - Kristi Belcamino

Blessed Are Those Who Mourn - Kristi Belcamino 

The Last Good Place - Robin Burcell

For The Dignified Dead - Michael Genelin

Requiem For Innocence - BV Lawson

Dies Irae - BV Lawson

All In - Joel Goldman & Lisa Klink

No Other Darkness - Sarah Hilary 

February Fever - Jess Lourey

A Little More Free - John McFetridge

Caught Read-Handed - Terrie Farley Moran

Hashtag - Eryk Pruitt

Little Pretty Things - Lori Rader-Day

Off and Running - Philip Reed

Storme Warning - W.L. Ripley

Young Americans - Josh Stallings 

Ways To Die In Glasgow - Jay Stringer 

Not Even Past - Dave White 

The One That Got Away - Simon Wood

Stone Cold Dead - James Ziskin



The Siege - Hilary Davidson

Joe Park's Little girl - Nikki Dolson

Our Man Julian - Nikki Dolson

All Things Violent - Nikki Dolson

Georgie Ann - Nikki Dolson

Labor Day- Danny Gardner

A Year Without Santa? - Barb Goffman

The Wrong Girl - Barb Goffman

Lupe's Lemon Elixir - Christopher Irvin

The Sevens - Kristin Kisska

Silent Measures - BV Lawson

The Water's Edge - Russel D. McLean

Obsession - Russel D. McLean

A Questionable Death - Edith Maxwell

Old Hands - Erin Mitchell- Dark City Nights

On Target - Terrie Farley Moran

A Killing at the Beausoleil -Terrie Farley Moran

The Big Snip - Thomas Pluck - Dark City Nights

Quack And Dwight - Travis Richardson

Trash - Todd Robinson

Feliz NaviDead - Johnny Shaw

South Of Bradley - Steve Weddle

Don't Fear The Ripper - Holly West


Thuglit Presents: Cruel Yule - Ed Todd Robinson

Protectors 2 : Heroes -Ed Thomas Pluck

Murder Under The Oaks

Safe Inside The Violence - Christopher Irvin

SoWest: So Deadly. - Ed Yvonne Corrigan-Carr

Swords, Sandals and Sirens - Marilyn Todd


Need - Joelle Charbonneau

How To Win At High School - Owen Matthews


Causing Chaos - Deborah J Ledford

Young Americans - Josh Stallings and Em Eldridge 


Holly West said...

Thanks for doing this, Jay.

Jeffrey Marks said...

Thanks for doing this. It's very helpful.

Crippen and Landru has a great collection, Swords, Sandals and Sirens by Marilyn Todd.

Terrie Farley Moran said...

BPO Caught Read-Handed by Terrie Farley Moran

short story On Target by Terrie Farley Moran (AHMM)

short story A Killing at the Beausoleil (EQMM)


Thanks so much for doing this. Terrie Moran

Jay Stringer said...

Here are a few that have been passed along. I'll add them into the blog when I get caught up.

For the Dignified Dead by Michael Genelin, The Last Good Place by Robin Burcell, Off & Running by Philip Reed, STORME Warning by WL Ripley, The Scam by Janet Evanovich & Lee Goldberg, All In by Joel Goldman & Lisa Klink

Kristi said...

YA _ NEED by Joelle Charbonneau!
THANK GOD, we can vote for more than one in each category at this round. Owen and Joelle! Oh my!

Kristin Kisska said...

Thanks for the shout out opportunity, Jay!
My short story, "The Sevens" was included in the above-listed anthology, MURDER UNDER THE OAKS.
Kristin Kisska

Karin Salvalaggio said...

Jay, thank you so much for including BURNT RIVER on your list. There were so many wonderful titles this year!

Monson said...

Jeez. Best anthology: Crooked Roads by Alec Cizak; The Deepening Shade by Jake Hinkson.

Best novel: Selena, by Greg Barth, Uncle Dust by Rob Pierce, Love You To a Pulp by CS DeWildt. (Each of this would also qualify for best paperback original and best first novel.

Rob Pierce - 2 Verbs said...

Thanks for the mention, Mike. Uncle Dust won't be eligible as I didn't make it to Bouchercon last year and can't make it this year. I agree with you on everyone else you mention, assuming they're eligible.

Anonymous said...

And hey, how about another ADR title..."The Donut Dealer" by Sarah M. Chen from All Due Respect, Issue #6?

Thank you muchly.

Lori Rader-Day said...

Thanks for including LPT, Jay!

Terry said...

Jay, I've had a lot of happy readers with the fourth in my Samuel Craddock series, A Deadly Affair at Bobtail Ridge. thanks for considering it for your list.

hellfire said...

Thanks for doing this, Jay. FATE OF THE UNION by Max Allan Collins and myself, Matthew V. Clemens, is eligible for best paperback original, also.

Ben McPherson said...

Thanks so much for this, Jay. Really appreciated.

Monson said...

Okay, I sent in my suggestions but you did not add them.

Unknown said...

Good grief. Thank you. I cannot keep up with the books and years.