Sunday, November 16, 2014

Mystery Conference Newbie

By Kristi Belcamino

Right now I'm at my very first Bouchercon in Long Beach, California.

After I digest everything I'll get back to you on how that went. (I'm writing this post early.)

But I can talk a little bit about some of my thoughts on my very first mystery conference on November 1st of this year - Murder & Mayhem in Milwaukee.


* I was on an author panel. Yeah. Nerve-wracking, but COOL.

* I got to meet several authors in real life who I'd only previously stalked on Twitter and Facebook and they treated me like a peer! Alex Segura (my colleague here on DSD) was by far one of my favorite people to meet. Even nicer in person! Hi, Alex!

* My books were sold in the lobby by a real mystery bookstore.

* I was included in the special after-conference dinner at the Great Lakes Distillery.

* People stopped me and asked me to SIGN my book. People I DIDN'T KNOW!

* And this: But I think it really struck home when I was sitting in the audience watching another panel and a woman stopped by my seat and whispered, "Hi! I love your books!" And then walked on. Who was this woman? I had never met her and SHE LOVED MY BOOKS. I wanted to chase after her and thank her profusely and ask how she had heard about my books and get her name and address ... and so on. But I just smiled and thanked her.

* Another woman stopped by my seat, handed me her card, and said she wanted to feature me on her blog one day! Thanks Bethany!

* A blogger TWEETED some of my responses on the panel. Thanks, Stacey!

* A mystery community reader and photographer asked me to pose for pictures!

* I went to get Bloody Mary's in the lobby with a group of mystery writers who are on my bookshelves.

* I got to go hang out at Crimespree Castle, which—if it isn't already—SHOULD be a rite of initiation for all mystery writers.

Despite all these REAL AUTHOR experiences, I must admit I was too shy to approach and introduce myself to a few authors who also were on panels at the conference. I still feel like such a newbie.

This weekend I'm at Bouchercon, which several people told me was like Murder & Mayhem times 100. So, I'll be back to post on that - or maybe just to post pictures.

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Alex Segura said...

It was a pleasure to finally meet you, Kristi! Even more fun to hang out twice in one month! Hope you enjoyed Bouchercon.