Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Mike Knowles – The Buffalo Job

Way back in the dawn of time Mike Knowles used to blog here at DSD. I’m happy to report that while he’s no longer blogging he’s still writing the terrific Wilson books and a new one was published yesterday, The Buffalo Job.

Here’s the description:

Wilson should have just walked away when three men came looking for a way to boost a valuable piece of art. But the heist was more than just a job for Wilson; it was a chance to get off the sidelines and back in the game.

The art came off the wall, the alarm screamed thief, and Wilson walked away clean. But it turned out that job was an interview for an even bigger heist. A dangerous man wants Wilson to get him something more valuable than a painting. Problem is Wilson only has a week.

Wilson and his crew cross the border to Buffalo to steal a 200-year-old violin. Four men cross, but four don’t come back. A lot of people are interested in getting their hands on the instrument and none of them are shy about killing to get it.

The job starts like a bad joke — a thief, a con man, a wheel man, and a gangster get in line to cross the border — but the Buffalo job doesn’t end with a punch-line. It ends with blood.

Well, no wonder Knowles gets the Stark comparisons.

"Wilson can take his place alongside Richard Stark’s Parker as a ruthlessly efficient bad guy with an ingenious ability to escape tricky situations." — Publishers Weekly.

And Mystery Scene says, “… reminiscent of Lee Childs' unstoppable Jack Reacher.”

Peter Rozovsky said, “He's a bit like Mike Hammer but without the hyperventilating political rants. He's darker than Richard Stark's Parker, as if Parker had descended a circle or two into the world where Andrew Vachss' Burke lives.”

What all this adds up to is something completely new and original.

You can read an excerpt from The Buffalo Job here

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Mike Knowles said...

Thank you for the kind words about the book. I'm always so happy to have comparisons to Stark and Spillane. I grew up on a steady hard-boiled diet of Parker and Mike Hammer and I guess you are what you eat.

I was really pleased to read the words "something new and original." Over the course of writing five Wilson books, I've worked hard to carve out something different - I'm glad all of the effort is bearing fruit.

While I did stop blogging for the site, I never stopped reading. Keep on doing some damage.