Monday, April 7, 2014

Quick notes: Sociopaths in Love, Get Katja

Two quick book notes this morning.

Sociopaths in Love by Anderson Prunty

I first heard of this book from Gabino Iglesias. The title kind of says it all, huh? This isn't a book for everyone but those that like their fiction dark will want to check this out. Unlike many dark works of fiction this one goes there, and then some. Interesting characters, depraved situations, at times surreal and absurd, at other times grounded in the everyday and mundane. If you want to take a chance on something dark and unlike anything else try SiL. All others stay away.


Get Katja by Simon Logan

This is the sequel to 2010's Katja From the Punk Band but it isn't necessary to have read it. It follows the same form as its predecessor. Multiple point of views will overlap and weave a chase story through a dystopian type setting. Odd characters, a fast pace and lots of conflict propel the story.


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