Tuesday, April 8, 2014



According to the app I downloaded there are 23 days until the official launch of Black Rock.









Not that I’m counting the days or anything.

And today I discovered that the publisher, ECW, has put an excerpt online. It’s the first 30 pages of the novel.

Another ECW crime novel coming out this month is Ride the Lightning, a debut novel from Dietrich Kalteis. I’ve read it, it’s really good. Here’s the description from the publisher:

Bounty Hunter Karl Morgen goes after Miro Knotts on a skipped bond, finding the dope dealer wrapped around an underaged girl at a rave in Seattle. D9781770411500ragging Miro in the hard way gets Karl's licence revoked, while Miro gets off with a suspended sentence. Karl then finds work as a process server in Vancouver, thinking it's the kind of place where people settle things with middle fingers instead of guns. 

But the city is teeming with two-bit criminals, drug dealers, and gangsters, and Miro seizes an opportunity to settle his score with Karl while working a major drug deal. What follows is a ride through Vancouver's underbelly with a cast of characters whose ambition exceeds their criminal acumen. With dialogue that crackles on the page, Ride the Lightning introduces a new voice in crime fiction featuring grit, realism, and a comedic touch.

And there’s an excerpt available from Ride the Lightning as well.

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