Monday, February 24, 2014

Quick Notes: Sin-Crazed Psycho Killer, Dead Aim, Hyenas, The Last Night of October

Here's another batch of novella reviews:

I've read a couple of the Popcorn line of books and Sin-Crazed is my favorite by far. It's a wicked little psycho-noir that takes place in WWII of all places (is this the first historical psycho-noir?). This is a wild, bloody, violently over the top pulp book that straddles the line between crime and horror. Early on you'll have a sense of where the ending is heading but Smith takes it about ten steps past that point, so even the closest of readers will be surprised. 

A solid Halloween themed ghost story with some genuinely creepy moments. This also has a YA audience potential. My kids are middle-school aged and I'll be making this book available to them (whether they read it is a different story...). A worthy addition to the Halloween canon of books (Dark Harvest, October Dark, others).

Dead Aim and Hyenas by Joe Lansdale

Both of these titles were originally released by Subterranean Press as limited edition hardbacks and are also available as e-books. Both Dead Aim and Hyenas are are Hap & Leonard novellas. Chances are you know about Hap & Leonard and if you do you'll want to go ahead and grab 'em. If you don't, either of these shorter works would serve as a great introduction to these long running series characters.

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