Friday, January 31, 2014


By Steve Weddle

Jay Stringer and I blog together here and have the same agent. I've never met Jay in person and he's never bought me a drink.
That said, I feel as if I owe him a drink. I've read the entire Eoin Miller trilogy now. Wow. What a way to end things.

While this book stands on its own just fine, the threads that started early in the series really come through here -- and are tied up nicely. Once I got to the end of the book, I realized that everything had fit nicely into place -- even things that I hadn't known were out of place.
The Gaines family surprised me, especially in this one.
Once again, though, Jay Stringer has written a terrific hard-boiled mystery -- but with an amazingly smart social justice theme throughout.
This is a brilliant book about belonging -- about the individual and the family, about fighting for you place in the world, your patch of dirt.

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Dana King said...

i read Runaway Town last weekend. Now that I know it's a trilogy, I'll make a point to read Old Gold before I get to , since I'm definitely reading all three.