Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Gift Ideas for a Criminal Christmas

Sadly this is going to be my last post at Do Some Damage. Due to writing and day job commitments I'm having to step back from blogging for awhile, and I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Steve and the rest of the Damagers for being such a bunch of sweethearts.

But that's no way to bow out, so bearing in mind that we're now just 30 days away from December 27th, the first opportunity you'll get to exchange those woefully inappropriate Christmas gifts, I've been casting my eye about for presents for the crime lovers in your life.

Just in case they already have enough books and booze...

At The Movies has a fabulous selection of original and reproduction posters which range from 'oh my god how much!?' to actually pretty reasonable. Lots of choice for crime fans and they have a framing service.

Price - £150 +

Available from At the Movies 


I can't promise you won't get arrested for carrying this fabulous iPhone case - if you do get stopped just put on a superior air and a posh accent and tell them it's by Marc Jacobs. (Calling the copper a 'pleb' is optional.)

Price - £50

Available from Liberty of London

Does anyone use salt and pepper shakers anymore? I don't know. But if they do then these silver plated shotgun cartridge ones are really kind of nifty. Suitable for hunting/shooting types and your armed robber cousin alike.

Price £24.99

Available from Not on the High Street

It's Boxing Day afternoon, you've been drunk for 72 hours straight and you're too stuffed to move, but you're probably fantasising about murdering your in-laws about now. This is the perfect soundtrack.

Price - £3.49 CD/£5.99 download

Available from Amazon 

Not just for boy band douche bags. Channel your inner Alain Delon with this crushable, wool felt fedora. And then post pics on FB, so we can bask in your chic.

Price $40.00

Available from Village Hatshop

That one person who hates e-readers. And hates people who dog-ear pages. They probably kind of hate everything, right? They'll probably hate this book mark too but you've got to buy them something.

Price $8

Available via Trendhunter

Handmade to order and the seller will do custom colour schemes by request. A great gift for fans of the great detective and it's pretty stylish too.

Price $32.98

Available from Dancing Arethusa on Etsy

No kid will ever want these, but they'd be perfect for working out tough scenes from your book at your desk. At least that's what you'll have to say when you get caught playing with them. (There's a Star Wars set too.)

Price £15.85

Available from Fancie Fannies on Etsy

You don't want to be one of those people who humiliates their poor little pooch by dressing them up as reindeer, do you? It's virtually animal cruelty, what with the antlers and the red nose. A convict is far more dignified.

Price from $18.57

Available from Baxterboo

One for Dexter fans or trainee serial killers. Hand embroidered silk on cotton, this one's pricey but if you like the effect the alternative way to get it is quite gory and I'm not sure how you stop real blood from going a bit rank.

Price $272

Available from Lost City


David Cranmer said...

Sorry to see you go, Eva. But I'm sure I'll see you around the noir & crime cyber bars. Take care for now and best of the holidays to you.

Prakash said...

your Christmas Gift Ideas is very nice and clear.
prakash thakur

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Perfect Christmas Gift