Monday, September 9, 2013

How should Breaking Bad end? (spoiler-free)

So last nights episode of Breaking Bad had the most spectacular cliffhanger I've seen in a long time, and possibly ever. We know with cold certainty that the end game has begun but it is unclear what it will be. This is frustrating in the best way possible. I don't know how Breaking Bad will end and, perhaps more interestingly, I don't know how I want it to end.

Here's one thing I've come back to more than once over the years. There is a part of me that wants Walt to take a bullet to the brain. Here's why. Walt's story exists in a world of criminals. As he confronts guys like Tuco, Declan, Uncle Jack with logic, reason, and business acumen I can't help but feel that they wouldn't have been willing to put up with his bullshit and would have just put him down hard at the first whiff of it. Of course he's the main chain character so Tuco in season one can't just do this but still we did see a bit of this last night so maybe we're meant to think about this.


How do you think Breaking Bad will end? (spoilers allowed in the comments)

If Breaking Bad sticks the ending will it become The Greatest Show Ever?

Anything Breaking Bad related you want to talk about?


Jason said...

I've been saying for a few seasons running now, but here goes nothing again: I'd like to see Boyd Crowder come in and explode Walt and his whole operation with a rocket launcher. "Fire in the hole!"

As to the best show ever, well... Fire in the hole.

sandra seamans said...

I'll admit right up front that I haven't watched this show. I know the premise, that he's dying and trying to raise enough money to take care of his family after he's dead. But this also seems to so far-fetched to me that I think in the end he will either be hallucinating from his treatments or writing a novel.

Yeah, TV always disappoints in the end.

Unknown said...

After last night, I'm predicting that Walt is going to go full Heisenberg and start eliminating anyone he sees as a threat to his money. This includes Jeese, Skylar, Walt jr., etc. I think the last man standing is going to be Marie, who will have Holly. Walt will attempt to poison her, but will get a bullet in the head for being apart of Hank's killing.

pattinase (abbott) said...

I would like to have Walt die while digging up the money. That way he is only defeated by himself. And Lady MacBeth doesn't get the money because the cops get there first. I am assuming Hank dies, of course.

Kieran Shea said...

Walt’s existential panic, his craving for the fleeting psychological buffers and “normal” societal anchors in the face of his imminent death (I would argue our own) has always been the engine that has driven this show from the beginning. He has attempted on numerous occasions to “fix this” and “make things right” to the best of his abilities, only to be slapped back by folly and the chaos around him. He is a man of science and should know better. That said, I sense a moment of brutal clarity coming—a diamond-hard final transformation of man’s stripped-bare soul in the face of madness. There will be blood naturally, and the ultimate judgment will be left up to us the viewers because, like it or not, we are all Walter White.