Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Small Press Roulette

Karen Lillis, a.k.a. Karen the Small Press Librarian

Always on the look-out for wacky ways to discover new books, I was pleased to run across this --

Choose your basic genre and I'll send you a small press item from my pop up indie press bookstand, SMALL PRESS PITTSBURGH, that I think you would like. This is like a grab bag, but many shipments will contain ONE book, with some small extras thrown in.

You say whether you want to drop $4 or $10 and what basic genre you like, and they'll send you some hand-selected reading material. Kinda cool idea, it seems to me.

Especially been thinking about it since this weekend when folks were talking about Oyster, a new service that allows you to check out books on our phone. You know, like using Overdrive on your device to get ebooks from the public library. Only this new service will allow you to pay $10 per month for a limited selection. More here.

And more about Small Press Roulette is here.

1 comment:

Dana King said...

Well timed, for me at least. Following the link to Small Press Pittsburgh took me to some other places where reading and events in the Pittsburgh area are announced, which may come in handy for my launch in November.

Thanks. I owe you one.