Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day!

by: Joelle Charbonneau

Well, what are you doing here reading a blog post?  You should be celebrating the wonderful world of fatherhood!  I know that's what we plan to do.  This is the 5th Father's Day since my father passed and the 2nd since we lost my father-in-law.  While they are not here to give presents to, they are still with me.   Today, I remember their strength and laughter, their unflagging love and their support.  I miss them as I know many of you miss those whose strength influenced your life and have since gone.

Today, I'd love to dedicate this post to all the fathers who have made us into the people we are today.  I'd love to hear about your father (grandfather, godfather, etc...) and share celebrating them with you. And to all of you who are fathers - a big thank you to you for all you do for those you love.

Happy Father's Day!

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