Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Little Free Libraries

Is there a Little Free Library near you? You can check on this handy map:

One showed up on my street a little while ago and it turns out there are a few more in the neighbourhood. It's kind of the book version of, "Take a penny, leave a penny."
You can find more information on the Little Free Library Website.
I don't have a favourite design, but I think if I put one up in front of my house I may try and make one that looks like an old-fashioned jail. You know, for crime novels.
Okay, so I don't have it worked out yet.
What do you think of these Little Free Libraries?


Anonymous said...

I would've loved one of these outside my elementary school growing up. I'm kind of glad I didn't though. I had a really bad habit of forgetting to return library books. It was only when the librarian would remind me that I couldn't check out my next read until I returned the previous one that they would meander into the return bin. So while a kid could dream, I'm sort of glad it wasn't a reality lest I rob the neighborhood of good books.

EA said...

Hey, there's all kinds of them in California! Thanks for letting me know.
Elaine Ash