Thursday, December 13, 2012

What Next?

By Jay Stringer

I turned in the first draft of the third Miller book to my agent last week. And that's also the third book of my three book deal.

So what's next? Is a question I've been asking myself all week.

During the writing of the first draft, which was plagued by distraction, illness and a house move, I had many ideas for where to go. A Young Adult crime novel. A Prequel to the events of the Miller trilogy. A follow up, taking place in the same world but focusing on different characters.

I have a list of four or five ideas that I like. Some of them have already had research done, some would be quick to write. But none of them feel right yet. And after writing three books set where I grew up, maybe it would be good for me to write one set where I've lived for that past six years. On my daily walk in to the city I'm looking round, trying to find something that grabs me.

Once I send in that draft though, my mind went on vacation.

I'm taking a couple of weeks to chill out and do no writing at all. I trust my brain, and I trust it to tell me when it's found the strongest idea. But even so, the one question keeps popping up.....

What's Next?

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