Sunday, October 7, 2012

Roller coaster ride

by: Joelle Charbonneau

This week has been an up and down ride.  For those keeping score, SKATING ON THE EDGE, the second of the Rebecca Robbins novels launched on Tuesday.  The best part of this launch is that it involves Roller Derby girls.  Members of the Windy City Rollers were on hand to celebrate the book, the sport and give away free stuff.  They even gave me my derby name – Jo-Hell!

Of course, when any new book launches, there is nerves, worry and a large dose of fear that people won’t like it.  That those who once loved the characters now think they are dull or boring or unbelievable.  Happiness and fear often go hand in hand in this business.

Luckily, I didn’t have all that much time to dwell on the worry since Wednesday I packed the car and headed out to Cleveland for the annual celebration of crime fiction, mysteries and thrillers – Bouchercon.  And yep – I’m still here.  There are lots of late nights catching up with friends, panels that discuss writing (I was on the Popularity of Young Adult fiction panel), parties and meetings with editors and agents.  I am fortunate enough to say that I had amazing conversations with Heather Graham (who graciously asked me to sing with her band at the House of Blues Friday night), Jeffery Deaver, Val MacDermid, Lee Child and Michael Connelly.  Yeah – pretty amazing!  I’ve also had a chance to go bowling and laugh with people who are creative and smart and somehow allow me to be their friend.  YAY!

During the happiness, there is also a bit of sadness.  Perhaps that is because life needs to be balanced in order for us to really understand that we need to celebrate the good in life.  On Thursday, my family said goodbye to a beloved member.  She has joined my father who I am missing more today than ever.  Today is the fourth anniversary of the day he found peace and left us with the memory of his love.

I am happy.  I am sad.  Through it all I celebrate the good.  I hope all of you find something wonderful to celebrate today.

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